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Friday, August 04, 2006

new set of wheels

Except they're from the late '70s. They were on the '80 Pinto Pony that I had from '80 to '92. Kind of like the torch being passed. I got them on Wee Beastie. The wheels cost $20 for the set used, buying them back from a buddy. The mounting and balancing cost over twice that much. So did the some expensive specialty lug nuts that I had to chase down.

Just in time for the rear fuel lines to leak and an alternator wire and battery to let the smoke out. Fighting and fixing that sure sucked the fun out of this project.

One of the supervisors from the outside take over of JSV died during an operation. Gives me mixed feelings because of the bad politics that cost me a career.

Had my Cox cable internet go dead umpteen times today and kept rebooting the modem. Will get on the horn if this keeps it up.


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