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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

canaveral, we have liftgate

If this picture doesn't say summertime or at least fun in the sun, about nothing will.

Been busy patching rust on Wee Beastie plus a few minor repairs. This has been what had keeping me too busy to blog for the past few days. Even around two days slacking off to check out the Swap Meet in Onawa and a trip down to Omaha to see if my freak felines haven't partied or burned my apartment down. My cats aren't human, and they're not wholly feline either. Now I found a stopping point and will lounge for a day while I get ready to fly to Seattle to visit Pat Pat Moriarity. Will finish and smooth up the passenger door and patch a hard to get to place under the right rear fender some time after I get back.

Otherwise, I made Mensa and am a Level 11 Electronic Technician, and some day I might even be smart enough not to buy an used car stereo off eBay....


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