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Sunday, March 26, 2006

not bad for back then....

In between scanning some old stuff and starting to ink on a couple of new pages. Found some wayward Captain Saucer, InterStellar OverDrive, and Timber Ridge pages in with the UTI stuff. Here's some 1989 art intended to be the inside cover of the Leonine ISOD #3. Featuring Xania and Ilza, a couple of mock elfmimi from Cseworld. Not bad for back then but I could draw them a whole lot better now. Kind of predicted the overly stylized comic art that followed after the hot Image style, but I'm still trying to cure myself of those tendencies anyway. Softening up their faces and making them more naturalistic (at least as naturalistic as a cyclops elf is going to get) alone would have done some wonders. Still scanning a lot of UTI stuff although. Like the juvenilia, most of it is probably going to be pruned got of Tube Punk. Got some rubylith key-lines, done as UTI assignments, that I'm going to piece together in Photoshop and tweak to the correct spot colors.


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