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Thursday, March 16, 2006

down with this faucet regime

Made it up to the farm just in time for the weather and the plumbing to go south. It's cold and dreary and windy. The farm has a device that meters bleach into the water from the well and since Mom and Jimbo are on vacation, the water just gets all stagnant and saturated until I think I bleached my insides of my gizzard all white with that first glass of water. Ick! I let the faucet run to clear out the bleachy and rusty water while I ran an errand to town. When I came back the water had slowed to barely a drip and I had to figure out why. It turned out that a twine-like filter as thoroughly plugged and I had to change it.

Made a token attempt to find that buried Model-T with a metal detecter and came up dry. But then I realized that I really don't know how to effectively operate a metal detecter yet.

Bought two 320 GB SATA hard drives on sale for $129 each. It made me think about back in 1990 when buying an used 40MB exernal SCSI drive for my Mac Plus was such a big deal and bargain. One drive as been installed and data is being transferred to it. The other will be swapped in next.


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