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Monday, March 20, 2006

more of the same....

Still scanning and sorting. The snow has mostly blown over. Looking forward to my next two days off even though it's going to be too cold to do anything outside. Maybe finally overcome momentum and kick InterStellar OverDrive into gear.

Scanning through some mysterious unmarked old manilla envelopes and came across the first series Captain Saucer #2 with my ratty old art in it. Sort of like a weird case of somebody going through artistic development in their 20s that many go through in their teens. Being creatively insular, isolated, and estranged from the rest of the world didn't help me much then.

OTOH, first series Captain Saucer #2 did predict the "killer semi" episode of Knight Rider by about a year and "The Honking" episode of Futurama by about two decades. CS and the Futurama were both heavily influenced by '70s drive-in fodder The Car. I just happened to pick up on the fun kitsch value of that flick long before "That Cyclops Show" gave it any Fan Cred. So I do wonder about Panter showing these old Captain Saucer issues to Groening way back when and he's sucking up the influence.

Maybe, it's karma for cribbing material from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, the very un-Punk Roger Dean, and even the Sunday funnies version of Sesame Street....

Up next, a manilla envelope of the masters for some of my key-lined xeroxes of the '80s.

Also been posting a lot of stuff at Deviant Art in the past few days. See link in sidebar.


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