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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

science with practice....

Waiting for things to thaw out and Spring to actually act like Spring. Did get a troublesome drawing of Flexia tweaked to look as good as it's ever going to get. Also started a pin-up of a cat-girl (technically a lion-girl that looks too much like a cat-girl) and a Studebaker. Will force myself to start a couple InterStellar OverDrive pages after this gets posted. Found and scanned in those Studebaker cartoons from 1980 including a couple of unfinished ones, plus three out of four pages of the Elsa comic from 1981, and I have a good guess where the fourth page is hiding. Also scanned in a bunch of placeholder pages from xeroxes until the originals surface.

One of the Stude pages, "The Incredible Hawk" has been posted at Deviant Art. The link is in the side-bar.

The Studes and Elsa were tongue-in-cheekily stuffed in an Iowa State University College of Science and Technology ring binder. After spending all of public school being picked on by teachers for being the type of guy who can take a car, projector, or computer apart and put it back together and have it running better than ever while those teachers were barely smart enough to turn the things on, let's pay good tuition money for more of the same in an engineering program that is supposed to be recognizing and encouraging those skills!

Earlier, little fatty cat ran off with one of my brushes in his mouth. Fortunately, I found it again. There's one or two that I haven't found again.

Going up to Soldier after a supper at Runza.


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