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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

big wow

Posting this from Soldier On Line dial-up.

Got those Caddy Sabre wheels on the 'Hawk on the second day. Yesterday was marred by stripped studs and stuff. That's all done except for the details.

Washed the Farmer's Cadillac off real well since the weather is good. Far better wash job than last time.

Saw the original Bad News Bears on satellite with my step-dad. The deliberate pacing and the fashions definitely place it in the '70s. However, the modest budget, the matter of factness, no special effects, and that it was shot on genuine film stock made it seem like a quite real slice of life.

Now if I just knew why the modem Windows 2000 in Virtual PC on my Mom's iMac resolutely refuses to work despite Device Manager saying that they are A-Okay.

Here's an old quickie bit of Phoolin'. Hope to do a better version someday and correct the eye and hair.


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