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Thursday, January 26, 2006

milemarkers in geekiness

Hectic day just trying to get down here. Got down to Pisgah and remembered that I had to go back up to Soldier and sign for a package at the Post Office. Then got down to Mondamin and had to go back because I forgot my hanging clothes. Got down here and my new wireless router that I bought on eBay doesn't quite work out of the box. Will try to configure it before work tomorrow.

The package of is of '70s Centuri tabloid newprint newletters and catalogs to scan in.

It's windy so I get to play with the anemometer that I bought on eBay. It's of the cup variety so it has a whirligig goin' roundy round to fascinate my inner right-brained kiddy.

The new King Kong Gyros just down the street has just opened. It was packed already. They messed up my order and gave me a burger instead of a gyros. No big loss because I wondered what their monster burgers were like anyway. "They ain't bad!"

Helped out a co-worker with a two cyclinder Maytag gas engine.

This picture of an actual mile marker was snapped just south of Pisgah, Iowa.


Blogger jdsqrd said...

That's not a milemarker. More likely the house number/address marker.

6:25 PM


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