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Sunday, January 22, 2006

of reptiles and felines....

Omaha the Cat Dancer was the cover story in a local alternative weekly. The art looked sweet and lacking in annoying fetishism compared to mostly all of the furverted art that followed. It also had me thinking about my own fan-service since Mr. Waller is more accomplished than I am. Plus, Omaha is a more accessible character partly because she's "merely" quite healthy in the chest instead of being outright huge.

Finished up that Captain Saucer page that I talked about yesterday. I got to try out my Wacom for the first time while cleaning it up in Photoshop. It's one of those "it takes a little getting use to" things. I will start two or three more pages later today.

Here's more Dragonmen sketches from around 1993 (and a some Hampion muclear mutant Deco, too!) Like some Star Trek aliens that represent certain human traits, the Dragonman represent the philistine streak in too many people and the heartlessness behind it. On the other hand, Leians represent humans with the feline traits of being a little bit sharper and friendlier.

The car in yesterday's post came after some head scratching. I wanted something that looked styleless and low tech to grease encrusted flat-head six popper proportions without looking antique or "classic". What came out was sort of a even more generic version of a K-car rolling on truck wheels. Now, the reference point could be maybe a Scion Xb in sedan form instead of a wagon. Years later, this thing isn't as clunky looking was the Hummer, Honda Element, or any of GM's mock-milspec/mock Mad Max SUVs.


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