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Saturday, January 21, 2006

late and off model

Almost finished another page before work. If I hadn't overslept, it would have been most likely done and scanned it.

Still struggling with getting the characters in settle down into model and stay there. At least Captain Saucer is drawn in a pretty cartoony style and a bit resilient to a little wavering.

A coworker gave me nearly a whole ream of card stock that somebody had chucked out. Makes me think back a little to my JSV days.

Here's some Dragonman sketches from late '92 or early '93 for what became the stillborn Rip-Off/Magnecom incarnation of InterStellar OverDrive.

Burned all my Steely Dan and Velvet Underground CDs into iTunes. Will do Sonic Youth tomorrow and party like it's 1989!


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