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Saturday, January 14, 2006


I was modestly lucky yesterday, being the only one in the check out line at Family Dollar instead of behind three or more slow stupid people.

"Oh I thought I had enough money to pay for this. Maybe in my change purse. Ain't got more money there! Hun, you bring money?"

"Dang! My billfold is at home!"

"Will you take a check?"


"Credit Card?"

"Okay! Wait! The machine won't connect 'cause the boss is on the Internet."

"How 'bout if I put something back?"

"Okay, but to re-ring this the Boss gotta bring the key as soon as she gets off the Internet."

So why does the USPS get such a bad rap compared to the private sector?

Meanwhile, back in the future, I predict that there will be stupid people in space, like these excerpts from recently completed Captain Saucer pages.


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