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Thursday, December 22, 2005

too many memories

Still scanning in old odds and ends. These things are so contradictory. You have highly inspired stuff being tripped up by untrained and untutored roughness. You have soaring aspirations that turned into broken dreams.

Scanned in some bad xeroxes (think treated paper) of an early version of "Galactic Gazongas" yesterday. My, that thing was half-baked and ill-conceived! Then again, it was an early product of a personal transitional period where I was picking up the pieces after a trauma and they didn't quite fit. It was the last ever of my comics that was written ad-lib and I developed some techniques that were used for the later Rip Off Press InterStellar OverDrive. Even though the protagonist, was too much of a beach-ball chested fetishized caricature, she is one of the two and three quarters of the female characters that I closely identify with.

The others are the Dumpy Little Princess, and lesser degree Winifred Feird, and a slight bit with the freak of nature Leonina R. Bast.

Here's a picture of the cover of the 1988 InterStellar OverDrive F*U*N Book with ol' Flexia.


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