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Saturday, December 17, 2005

8mm dreams

Today my Mom called and imposed on me to drive halfway across town to pick up my own Christmas presents at Borders. So much for doing anything creative before work.

Otherwise, my birth grandfather has had a severe heart attack and I am wishing him well.

Met another former Hewlett-Compaqard employee yesterday. He was working at Radio Shack.

Here's art for my planned first ever Flash animation for when I ever figure out Flash. It mimics my first ever animation done in 8mm back in '76. Which is why the art retains sort of a done by a 15 year old look. I suppose if I really wanted to be true to my style at the time, I would render it in felt tip pen and color it with Magic Markers or dime-store tempera paint. Unfortunately the original film is long last.


Blogger PatMoriarityDotCom said...

merry holidays

Happy xmas

Pick up some xmas goodies for me

11:39 AM


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