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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

bryon unoriginals

Scanned in more old obscure stuff. This time it was the swiped art from Timber Ridge Magazine that was used in Bryon Godberson's Air Expo '91 flyer. There's a story behind that. My Mom and Dad ran up to Ida Grove to pitch some of my invention ideas and the like to Mr. Godberson, only to be blown off and given the run around by underlings. Or is every single secretary in the place too profanely stupid to know where his is? Then a few months later, there's my art used without permission, acknowledgment, or payment in his flyer. Grrr!

BTW, the cartoon pilot is named "Al T. Tude". He was jointly created between Timber Ridge publisher, Gary Hinrichson, and me. It's a shame that magazine didn't do better.

Next on deck for scanning is the nearly forgotten "InterStellar OverDrive F*U*N Book", compiled for the '88 Chicago Comic Con. It includes the early versions of of the Leonine Press ISOD#1 and #2.

Finished the first draft of the Little Red Hen, but there's still a lot of things to alter. For instance, I was remind that they're making bread, not pie. Will get booking on pencilling Captain Saucer after this is posted.


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