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Monday, December 19, 2005

say it with nixies

One of my side projects is "Tube Punk", which would omnibus compilation of Captain Saucer, InterStellar OverDrive, Fanboy, and related on CD or DVD. "Tube Punk" is a reference to that I have been doing that Googie flavored retro-future thing since 1982. Sort of a really long term thing because there's a lot of pages to scan. Fortunately I have an A3 sized scanner.

I'm in the early stages of writing a Fractured Fairytale homage on The Little Red Hen. It's sort of a reply to a late '70s spoof of the story were the punch line is "A man from the government came and accused the Hen of unfair profits and made her share the pie with the other animals. Everyone was happy ever after, although they wondered why the Hen didn't bake very many pies anymore." Which was probably pretty funny on the eve of Proposition 13. My spoof is also a response to a real life experience where the Hen (who is a surrogate for Carly Fiorina) gets the Cat, Duck, and Pig to work really hard for the promise of pie, which she finally hoards all for herself and closes the plant.


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