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Friday, December 23, 2005

somewhere in dreamland....

Here's a couple of attempted rough sketches of the three-eyed aliens in a dream that I had a few nights ago. They were much more sublimely creepy in the dream. Also charred crimson in color.

Had a dream last night set in an amalgam of the present and the '80s. I was working away, cranking out several pages for several projects including a couple for key-lined two color xeroxes (it wasn't called "Corrigan-color" when Doug Holverson invented it!). Matt Feazell comes over with a couple of his comics friends and shows them what I was working on. He even points out a sight gag in one page width panel and boasts "only Doug Holverson could do that!"

The infamous "Buxom Hairball" thread over at Animation Nation dot com has been locked. One defender had said, "i haven't met talent yet that was eager to trash another man's work. that always came across like insecurity to me". Which may go a long way in explaining a certain person's rumor-mongering and smear page and my lack of reciprocation.

Got a general succinct Christmas email from Gary Panter today. Overcame the momentum on the Captain Saucer and am chugging away on three pages from a scene.


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