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Monday, December 26, 2005

kickin' tailless, cont.

Today, is my one year anniversary for working for the USPS.

Yesterday, I gave my nieces a Casio synth and a Mac Mini to interface with it. I partially feel a little guilty for not spending more time with them, especially back when I was in Soldier and getting together was easier. I'm also reacting to the fact I feel that my creative tendencies weren't properly encouraged. From mere toleration to subtle dissuasion from the family, "you really don't want to do 'Star Truck' for the school paper, do you?" to too many educators and the regional fan scene being down right cruel and nasty about it.

I gave an abandoned 1.2 meter flying wing model to John Carroll because I didn't like my craftsmanship on it. He felt that the craftsmanship wasn't that bad and months later he finally got around to getting it finished up. He did several successful hand launches yesterday and is readying it for a cradle launch.

Had a restless night last night about screw-ups at work. Will try extra hard to be good in the waking world.


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