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Saturday, April 14, 2007

swing shift

I'm moving back to swing shift tonight. Hoping that days open up again sooner instead of later.

Reaffirming why I love my G5. I was tweaking some coloring on some pin-ups and kicked some of the 20% grays up to 30% grays and then back down to 25% grays in a matter of seconds of my time and only split seconds of the Mac doing the pixel crunching. Not to mention what I did to some other grays. My Previous Macs would take a few minutes. Plus if you had to do the grays by hand, I think they'd be considered good enough and left alone.

Here is a turbo engine and a Pinto. Because Pintos don't go fast ....

I should have had the insight to move the broom, floor jack, and engine hoist, and not muddle and confuse the composition of that one photo....

I just remembered I build that engine stand from my own design. So why do all the fanboys from Ames and Des Moines consider me to be untalented? Well, outside of one bad mouth and a lot of herd-mindedness and hypocrisy?


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