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Thursday, September 21, 2006

i saw whales!

The last few days have been insane at work regarding machine problems. I hope that I rounded a corner now.

Outside of work, I'm scanning through the third box out of four of old odds and ends plus some water damaged originals for a dirty apazine from the early '90s. Also looking forward to the Studebakers coming to town.

Mom's raw treatment by step-family had too many icky similarities to some bad politics in fandom. The priming the rumor mill. The big blowhard at the center of it. The person who should have broke from the group and stood up but didn't. The closing of ranks.

One goofy lost opportunity would have been making an InterStellar OverDrive promo video back when Jimbo was still in good health. I think that he would have made a grand Wilfred P. Feird bellowing and huckstering. I guess that if you want to do these things, do them sooner because time and people won't always be around.

Which reminds me, I have to make time to see the Sinks in Burlington, Iowa.

Had a dream the other night that Grandpa Skow was still around and he was driving the Farmer's Cadillac while I was riding along. He fiddled with electric mirror until it broke and fiddled with the dash until it broke. In the waking world, I realized that this was contrary to character.

Also had a dream that my Dad was still around and I got him a cheepie peecee starter computer. He asked me all these fretting newbie questions about viruses and ilk. Then I realized that I should have gotten him a Mac Mini.

Here's a picture of whales that I saw with Pat and family. There's a whole regional tourist industry just giving whale tours with boats and pontoon planes all over.


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