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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

frost on the pinto....

At least that's what I saw early this morning.

Otherwise, this was the first get on with your life day after Jim died. Like when after Dad died, the grandparents died, Fun Rockets or the Rip Off Press InterStellar OverDrive tanked, the JSV lay-off, etc. I did some body work and some speaker installation on Wee Beastie. Fixed Mom's riding mower when it died due to an overly clogged air filter. Had a pizza supper with Mom and watched the sun set. Did think of Jimbo during a parts run and remembered going with him and Mom to a couple of RCHTAs, a NARAM, and that Arogonia launch that really blew.

You're born, you do a bunch of stuff, and then die. Friends and family tie up some loose ends and divvy up your goodies. A few days later, the world runs on without you. Which is probably how things should be.


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