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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

pinto tales

Here's a screen grab from the old 8mm animation mentioned in the previous post.

Sorry. I forgot to post yesterday but I got too busy until too late.

Finished cleaning the apartment in the morning. Then drove up to Soldier and then over to the county seat. There I ate at DQ, did a parts run, got the Pinto titled, licensed, and insured.

Then went to the farm and replaced both U-joints and windshield wipers, fixed the emergency brake, and topped off the rear axle.

After supper, I took "Wee Beastie" down to the Moorhead car wash and cleaned off the engine and cargo compartment, and then washed and waxed the rest of the car. After that, I went up with an old high school friend to check out a parts Pinto up by Charter Oak. Didn't get back until after dark.

Today has been more leisurely. Just getting down to Omaha, getting groceries, and going to work.


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