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Sunday, June 25, 2006

got my eye on you....

Comedy Central has announced that they obtained the rights to make new episodes of Futurama. "Like if I was anymore stuffed with joy, I'd bust!" The new episodes will pop up in the '08 season. I liked that style of humor because I had been doing it myself since 1982. Plus it was treated unfairly by the network, which strikes a resonant chord with me.

Caught the Amazing Stories original version of "Family Dog" on YouTube. Both Brad Bird and Tim Burton had major hands in this. Makes me wonder what went wrong in the transition to a series. This could have been The Simpsons before there even was The Simpsons, but it came out four years late, four million over budget, and quickly flopped. Although, I'm guessing that a big reason is while the characters were a little darker and edgier than The Simpsons, they were also a whole lot less likable.


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