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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

xmas in july

Celebrating the 4th at work. At least the overtime will pay for the pair Pinto port hole panels that I just bought. The fireworks at Rosenblatt last night were quite nice. Maybe see some tonight from the casino. Got the apartment mostly cleaned up. Will finish it early tomorrow and head up to the farm.

Posted this of Flexia and Wilfred, looking well, if slightly off model.... Mr. Feird sort of symbolizes my cartoons back in the '70s. Flexia represents the '80s and beyond.

I did this animation exactly 30 years ago today. Even if the two jolly fellows were a couple of years passe by then.

Also my favorite "Christmas in July" mash-up.

So is the brat kid shoving cherry bombs into the grumpy old coot's mailbox happen to be examples of the same personality archetype at different stages of life?


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