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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

dreaming of 42000

Passed the feeder competency test last night with a through-put of exactly 42000 pieces per hour on the nose. Also passed the gate and belt change competencies too.

Saw an angular alien eye staring at me in hypogogic sleep. Had a dream that when no mortal was looking, a father skeleton popped out of the ground and grieved at the yet unburied casket of his son. Dreamed that through the careless driving of a friend, that the '58 Chevy pickup that I use to own was totaled.

Scratching my head on how to recreate the 1995 Rip Off Press version of InterStellar OverDrive with the "dumb dinoman". Much of that art was cut up and used in later versions and much of it had the dialog rewritten. Hope to dig up some xeroxes of it.

More teenie girls on YouTube singing an off-color song from Avenue Q.

As if there's any other type of song from Avenue Q.


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