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Monday, July 03, 2006

ten years on the web!

Isn't it amazing about how you think that you would just log online for only a year or two or three, and before you know it, a whole decade has passed?

Anyway, I think today is the tenth anniversary of the "Flying Flexia, 'the BAST site on the web!'" I had a place holder page up for a week and put together the pages over a few nights after work. It was edited with Adobe Page Mill on a Mac 6200. That as the last app that I saw that came on a single floppy. Ah, the System 7.5 days when 28.8 dial-up was respectable and 36.6 was a speed demon. Windows 95 on the PeeCee side with a whole lot of legacy Windows 3.1 machines. Macs had a higher clock speed than PeeCees in those days, which was conveniently ignored until a few years later until it was the other way around. The Mac clone maker Power Computing and their pugnacious mascot Jobi was a relic of that day. Sluggo by any other name is still trademark infringement.

I first put up the site on the afternoon before the model rocket club's 4th of July party. The jpegs and gifs didn't work at first, so I had a hectic two and a half hour fixing it all before the party.

I did a parts run before work toady and the lady behind the counter had the same birth date as me.

Had the building superintendent jump on my case. Seems like I was away, my uncle didn't change the cat box in a timely fashion and supposedly the box was overloaded and the cats were relieving themselves on the floor and the other tenants were complaining about the stink. It's just soooooo much fun just taking the fall for something that you couldn't control and make the super's bad list!


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