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Saturday, April 01, 2006

pick of the crop

Happy big three-oh, Apple!

Long may you boot! Long may you think different! Heart felt from somebody who has been around since the days of Inits, CDevs, DAs, and "that little truck thingie".

Got nearly to the bottom of the box of unsorted items to scan. Only have the "Cseworld" InterStellar OverDrive ashcan left from that box and will tackle all those pages tomorrow. Then on to the unsorted items rattling around in a supposedly sorted box.

Still missing the Nelson A. Jessip script, some fantasy pickups, and an very early Berk & Bast drawing with Flexia defiantly sticking her finger down the barrel of a zap-gun of a Dalek parody. This inspired a joke with Wingding in the Captain Saucer revival.


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