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Friday, March 31, 2006

if you thought that the fans blew....

Yesterday started with a safety meeting about tornado awareness. Which was timely because minutes later everyone spent a hour in the basement as a real life tornado skipped through Omaha and the Bluffs. After that there was a hectic amount of babying to get the machines up and running and a ton of repairs after that. Including a nasty bearing and belt replacement on AFCS #2.

Did have a bit of good luck. I found a 6V wall-wart in a junk shop a few days ago for just 98ยข. It works with my iSpeakers as is. The correct tip and polarity and everything.

Not so much good luck in finding a replacement speaker for a different set of computer speakers. Radio Shack doesn't sell them anymore. Will check the junk pile went I'm up at the farm.

Here's a photo about the old school meeting the new school. And oddly I have a foot in each one.


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