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Monday, January 02, 2006

instant nostalga

Just went through the tedium of spotting a whole lot of blacks on a otherwise fun page for the Captain Saucer revival. I will hopefully post that tomorrow.

Today, it's just a goofy tribute to '80s Small Press Comics.

I would like to re-establish contact with Sam Henderson this year. Shon Howell and Geoff Everts, too. I miss you guys!

For nostalgia that is thoroughly joyful and doesn't bring mixed feelings: The other night a couple of male USPS employees who are pushing 20 are looking over and gabbing about performance manifolds in a mail order catalog, mostly aluminum intakes and cast iron headers. Also, there's a Don Martin cover on a current Mad Super Special.

My sister unintentionally gave this great succinct capsule review of The Polar Express, "They look like they animated wax manikins!"


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