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Friday, December 30, 2005

cool beans

After a meeting at Java & Ice, I may have an agent again. Easier than pitching to most comics people. "A profit is not without honor...." Details as they develop. Hopefully this will go better than the knot-head that I had in '91 or Barry F. and Fun Rockets. Ironically, this happened later in life after I'm golden handcuffed to the USPS instead of earlier in life when I was under or unemployed.

If I had to collage my art down to one jpeg, what would I include? What I'm thinking about: The Victorian inventor, the A9 launch, The Captain Saucer poster, The latest InterStellar OverDrive cover, Dumpy, revised Holverson Designs kit-card, and maybe a Phat Grrl.

Almost too much talent for just one jpeg! ;)

Here's a home movie frame grab of a bean buggy from the '76 Moorhead Community days parade. It could almost fit in with the "Dream Machines" in the November Archives.


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