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Sunday, October 30, 2005

balsa vapors

With almost cartoonish cause and effect, chilly weather blows in the same day Standard Time does.

Here's a rough sketch for an ad for a proposed Fun Rockets comeback. Note the deletion of the Zoomie and the addition of the Hyperbolic Tangent and the Whorl to the line. Also the hopeful addition of the Swinger II (although, theoretically better than the regular Swinger, the development of that thing is taking longer rather than shorter).

At the time, Barry F. was claiming that he was looking into some balsa suppliers and cycling the company back into making real kits.

Then he disappeared into the vapors....

I was halfway productive in getting some Captain Saucer pencils done yesterday (for once!). Will attempt to top myself today. First, I will have to revise a scripted scene.


Blogger PatMoriarityDotCom said...

Hi Doug, I'm visiting your blog! I still haven't flown the rockets you designed. I still need to get a launcher

2:32 PM


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