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Friday, February 15, 2008

nuclear grade nostalgia

Cleaned up the first four pages of the 1987 Captain Saucer#19, which was sort of a warm up for the Leonine Direct Market InterStellar OverDrives. Was using a mechanical pen with a flexible nib then, which has since been long been discontinued. On the plus side, I was really going after the "Googieverse" retro look five years before the Batman; TAS retro-Deco thing and about 18 years before Brad Bird did his Googie-verse in The Incredibles. Also an early draft of what evolved into Cseworld, and I was lampooning "The Firing Line" to satnd out of the pack back when nearly everybody else in Small Press and Prodom was seemingly tweaking on Letterman. The figure rendering is still a frustration. I grabbed one of Howgarth's books at the time and was trying to apply it, but was tripped up by my own blind spot. Plus, as usual, Fandom and Prodom was resolutely never there with a tutoring hand.


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