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Friday, March 09, 2007

shocking developments

I am probably missing something really obvious, but why do the social graces say that it's okay to abandon and betrayal and then badmouth or otherwise add insult to injury to somebody, but it's just so wrong for somebody to be hurt, angry, or defensive at getting the short end of this?

I'm guessing since these so called social graces are largely unwritten, they get really Calvinballed to coddle the "cool" people and demonize the "uncool" people.

Like how the "Populars" in high school get get away with being a bit mean and self-serving while a social leper can never do enough favors and stuff to be liked.

Otherwise, my weirdo freak cats have been occasionally renaming files and directories on my Macs while I'm gone. They even renamed of the partitions on the old G3 from "Winnie" to "J0000000000".

Bought a Wimhurst machine off from eBay for $50.00. Sated a whim that goes back to grade school. It may be a white elephant, but at least it's a cheap one.

Picture for Tube Punk in progress.


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