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Monday, February 19, 2007


After all the big freezes, everything is finally thawing out. It felt very Spring. Like brief moments of feeling about 15 again and day dreaming about Star Trek and model rockets and doing something fun and good with your life once school got out for the day, for the week, for the summer, for forever...

Ate at the same Runza that ten years ago Mom and Jimbo told me that I was going to get a good job at the Jordan Soldier Valley Telephone Company. That career was taken away a year and a half later, but lead to the Holverson Designs kits, which lead to Fun Rockets, which didn't go anywhere.

Have the next two days off. Got some U-bolts at Inland Trucking today to go up to the farm tomorrow and finally finish up the axle swap in Wee Beastie. Getting root canal Wednesday morning, something that I'm more looking forward to getting over, then to actually be doing. Will get going on InterStellar OverDrive again after that.

Started three pin-ups based on 1982 Captain Saucer art.


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