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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

hello, again

Can you believe that it's been over a month since I last posted? One of my New Year's resolutions is to post more often.

Did get moved to day shift which opens up evenings to do creative stuff. I am halfway through working on a group pin-up to the introduction page for Tube Punk among others.

Drove across a good bit of Iowa and Minnesota to pick up a turbo engine for Wee Beastie. Some of the small towns, old buildings, windmill farms tickled both the eyes and soul.

Here's an updated list of missing Items for the Tube Punk Wish List:

Must have items:

1983 Leonine Calendar: November page, back cover

Captain Saucer #7 magazine sized version, pages 4 and 5

Would be really nice:


"Elephant Boy" strip that was filler in one of the Matt Feazell/Not Available mini-comics

J.J.’s Platters flyer of guy stuffing records into ears

Balder Dash #5 Cover and “Large Economy Size” back cover with two-tone xerography


Alan Bradley sketches with “Evil Woman”

Alice Chalmers hand-colored Christmas Card

Elsa in Shower and Big T*tt*e Kitties Too

Flange short strip from early ’88

Greg Hyland InterStellar OverDrive try-out art

IWCC Dorms, photo of “Nukleia and Aliens” mural at the Dipple Hall

Kurt’s birthday pin-ups and gift drawings (many placeholder copies found)

Milkmaids of Mars II; “Battle of the Bazooms’ page 3

Photo of modified Holley jets

Radiation Letter

Maybe Published:

Poor Richard’s New and Improved Almanac: “The Further Adventures of God”

Legal Clearance:

“Phat Grrl” parodies

Greg Hyland art

Mars Martial art (maybe)

Rip Off Press items


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