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Monday, December 18, 2006

off a cliff.....

I really should update this blog more often. Maybe after Christmas, when I get more caught up.

I was reading a newspaper article about a market for clean humor. Apparently too much contrived edginess and profanity his wearing out its shock value and welcome.

Otherwise, I'm kind of proud of the Captain Saucer revival that I'm working on. It has no profanity, no real nudity, any sex is implied and off panel, but still comes off as off color as an old Underground Comic.

Looks like I'm officially skunked on that Merkur XR4Ti engine donor car for Wee Beastie. Motor parts are missing, the head and exhaust manifold are cracked, the turbo doesn't turn, and when I finally got the seller on the phone they hung up.

Here's a sketch of a planned more finished drawing for Tube Punk. A grown up take on grade-school characters, Clan the Dragon Man and Mister Fan, with a monster and a hot rod thrown in for good measure.

It's amazing about how hot rods and monsters go together in cartoons...


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nice pencils

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