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Friday, October 27, 2006

holes in the head

Tried to get in one last, for all times shake, valve job done at Renz Repair before he closes shop at the end of the month. It rurned out that my XR4Ti head had a valve seat that was too badly pitted that I will have to take it to a machine shop for additional work.

Renz Repair was in the building that use to be Grandpa Skow's Allis Chalmers dealership in Moorhead, Iowa. Renz use to work for my Grandpa back in the AC days. Another reminder that it "ain't 1976 no more...."

Had a dream the other night about Barry Fishman. He had a fancy office in Omaha with the lease and the Fun Rockets partnership lapsing in two weeks. Mom chewed him out for running the business into the ground and said that she would never speak to him again. I just said that I would drop by everyday until the bitter end just to see if he accidentally turns this thing around.

The illustration is from an UTI assignment and never used in real life.


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