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Friday, June 16, 2006

strike out

One of the signs of being a geek or nerd is "stupid sports" ruining your fun. Well, the College World Series blew into town and interferred with me getting a King Kong gyros before work. Tons of people everywhere. Side streets blocked off and traffic snarling. King Kong had its lot full of merchants with tents. The place was way too busy to get a gyros and to get to work on time. I was told to move my vehicle but couldn't because I was blocked in by a car stereo vendor's monster truck. I finally got out and had a couple of hot dogs from a vending machine at work. Will stay north of I-80 until this thing is over.

Got to work and the water was out for a the first few hours because a major water main was broken near by.

Trying to figure out why my Dual G5 errors out while trying to burn DVD-Rs. Disk Utility, MacJanitor, and Disk Warrior have done nothing to fix it.

The Tube Punk cover in progress.


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