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Thursday, June 15, 2006

it's a rainy day sunshine girl

Returned the car dolly this morning and did the grocery run during on and off rain. Now getting ready to get back into the working week.

Got a two and a half hour late start on towing the old Pinto home. The Farmer's Cadillac ran like a champ on the way down and back. Toted the car home from Pacific to Kansas City while traveling in the mid 60s. Was cruising in the low '70s on the way from KC on up. I actually think the thing towed better at the higher speed. Maybe getting into the meaty part of the torque curve of the beefy V8. Thought about the C.W. McCall lyric of "Have a thousand cubes and they're running cool." Stayed over at Midway Motel in Columbia on Tuesdays night, on the return trip. Is it just me or does everyplace in the world else have rockier soil than Iowa, judging from the road-banks? Tried the WiFi at a rest-stop and got a server error. Spent about $50 more on the trip than I did on the car.

Got the car home at 2:00 PM Wednesday. Crashed until about 3:30 when I started to work on the car. I'm glad that I didn't do anything impulsive like take that bus down to drive the car home. The battery apparently a bad cell and won't charge. Swiped the one out of the Champion. The car had mirror electrical issues with the parking lights staying on and being controlled by the instrument dimmer because junior ran a mystery wire to the fuse panel. Got to find out where the other end of that wire goes to someday. The the car running about 5:15. Got a nice little sense of achievement from banging the wrenches and getting it to run. The engine ran fine for a trip to Soldier and back and then came down with fuel starvation issues every few minutes. Maybe filling it up with gasohol knocked some crud loose. So far removed a kludged in fuel filler down by the pump. Will replace the regular filter next. Seems to run with the gas cap off, but I'm not sure if that isn't a red herring. May also have to check out the strainer sock in the tank or the fuel pump if this continues.

It would be interesting to paint the Pinto to match the pickup.


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