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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

the new adventures of god

Found these character sketches while doing some mop-up scanning for Tube Punk. These were for a commissioned strip for an underground rag. The guy wanted a half black God, a black Saint Peter, and a redneck Devil. Kurt Wilcken noticed. "He's really into subtlety, isn't he?" I bounced the idea of a more professorially Devil off of him, but the final ended up with the redneck Devil. I was paid but I don't know if the thing ever was printed.

Filling in the gaps by correcting the first series Captain Saucer #1 and just finished scanning in the first series Captain Saucer #2 from 1982. Some cringe inducing "belated juvenilia" there.

Here's an updated wish list for missing Tube Punk items:

Wish List:


1983 Leonine Calendar: November page

Captain Saucer #7, magazine sized version, pages 4 and 5

Captain Saucer #9, Brad Foster's Flexia pin-up

"Elephant Boy" strip that was filler in one of the Matt Feazell/Not Available mini-comics.

JJ’s Platters ads

Two-tone “Cover Large Economy Size” from Diddley Squat #5

Pert and the Hermanettes from Father’s Mustache #2


Photo of Dipple Hall “Nukleia and Aliens” mural at the IWCC Dorms

Greg Hyland InterStellar OverDrive try-out art

Maybe Published:

"Bucolic Revelations"

Please send 300dpi scans. Thanks!


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