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Monday, June 12, 2006

dumpster diving dreams

Finally got caught up on correcting the backlog of Tube Punk scannings. The problem was that a lot of the early stuff was pretty cringe inducing to me. OTOH, it also reminded me a lot of Family Guy because the style was crude and ugly, it was short on narrative, what narrative that was there wasn't especially linear or arcing and many existing to hang broad or pop culture jokes on. Even the furry monster from the old Warner Brothers cartoons pops up for three pages and then the joke gets embellished as it being a gene-spliced Wookie and Tribble hybrid. At least that beats Peter G. dropping a pop culture reference sans set-up, delivery, or punch line and the Fox viewers just laughing themselves silly anyway.

I'm a little excited and apprehensive about my car toting trip down to Missouri and back tomorrow. Have an old chum who should be riding with me. There will probably be no update of this blog tomorrow due to the long length of this trip.

Had a dream a couple of nights ago that I was buying back some obscure and forgotten late '80s art of mine from this comic book dealer/scalper. Seems like it was rescued from the IWCC dorm dumpster back in its day. He was explaining that I did have some fans in the Omaha area back then, just none of them came forward to tell me.


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