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Saturday, April 29, 2006

"under this hawaiian shirt is a healthy boy !"

That was the name of a song that a character was singing in a cartoon that I had in a dream last night. It was an English dub of a Soviet animated short. The undistinguished antagonist (except for the shirt) was singing it to his zaftig and indifferent would-be sweetie.

So wouldn't a Hawaiian shirt be considered to be western consumer decadence?

The illo is the title card for my Flash animation side project. I kind of like the subtle irony of a computer type font done in a hand made looking way. And then recompiled in computer based animation.

Overslept way late and then spent a long time overcoming groggy inertia to make it up here to Soldier. I'm washing my clothes and getting ready for my flight to training in Norman tomorrow.

Still wondering about those wax capacitors in those old radios. Let's have a component that's most likely to melt next to some big hot tubes most likely to melt them....


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