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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

we got a bigger problem now

I'll probably get flamed for this cheap political potshot from the 1984 calendar, but at least it was fun and funny at the time. There was also a T-shirt derived from this that was item 1347 out of 7431 of things in my life that were supposed to be money makers but weren't.

Also three Dead Kennedys referrences in two days and two postings!

When I first heard System of a Down's "BYOB" on the radio, I thought of the Dead Kennedys.

Up in Soldier now. Looked at a guy's junk collection. Got my lawn mower running after finding a wire that fell off the ammeter and mowed my lawn of my house that I don't live in anymore but can't seem to sell. Attempted a model rocket launch at sunset but the controller batteries were dying.


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