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Saturday, April 22, 2006

"it's a piece of science fiction, takes place in 1983...."

Finished scanning through "The Big Project", an aborted variant, and some art from the Lost InterStellar OverDrive revival. There's just too many memories and heartbreak.

The "The Big Project" was a premature attempt at doing an Indie Comic version of Captain Saucer back in 1983. I wasn't quite ready for the Direct Market and the Direct Market wasn't ready for me. Some very aggressively inspired New Wave and Googie stuff meets more of that rough and raw execution. OTOH, this could have evolved into a sort of a "companion" to Love and Rockets, for people who regretted Fantagraphics weaning it away from Sci-Fi, if somebody just would have embraced and nurtured it.

Made a big dent in starting that "Hello World" Flash animation. I swear that it took more time to figure out their modal software as it will to animate the thing.


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