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Thursday, November 24, 2005

dream machines #4

Another of my "ornicycles", this time a "uni-ornicycle".

I got the first five proposals for wrapped up and in the envelope. They are Pugnacious Pussies, The Car That Cried Alarm, John Henry gets Spiked, The Dumpy Little Princess, and Captain Saucer.

I will see how much of InterStellar OverDrive can get wrapped up before work tomorrow and mailed along its merry way. Ironically, I have ISOD stuff going back to 1987, and none of it is really proposal ready and there's too little time to really work some up. I will improvise with the comic panels and sketches that I can dig up and scan and crop in a hurry.

After that, I will work up a Fanboy & Scapegoat proposal as an afterthought and have that in the box on Saturday.

I'm going to deserve a Runza burger or Gyro after this...


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