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Friday, November 25, 2005

dream machines #5

I got the InterStellar OverDrive proposal wrapped up and in the mail this before work. How I wish that I had a week or two more to work on it. I would do a lot of new and more polished material.

Especially, I would have liked to have drawn up some new group "pin-ups". I'd do a Wayne, Winnie, Didi, Big Bill, and Ulviox in a group. The Bast family together with Flexia, Leonina, Montue, and Pursia. Flexia would be "semi-earth-native", wearing a banker's suit with jacket, vest, and pants, but with no shirt underneath, just a lot of brass jewelry. And, of course, an alien group with the Cses, Hampions, Claireans, Inols, etc.

Now to push out Fanboy & Scapegoat proposal before the Post Office closes tomorrow and it will be all done.

Anyway, here's a sketch of a Leian four legged off-road jalopy for the proposed "Meat is Nature's Candy" story for InterStellar OverDrive.


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