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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

cootie baits

It stopped snowing but it's sure still blowing!

Rewrote Captain Saucer, The Dumpy Little Princess, and The Car That Cried Alarm as TV scripts last night. Will try to rewrite John Henry and The first InterStellar OverDrive before a planned trip up to Soldier, Iowa.

My old PC won't start up. I think it's the power supply. Please don't be the mobo!

Meanwhile, both the old and new Macs run like a top.

Here's Captain Saucer villains, girl Anime parody, and cat-girl yakuza Pretty Princess Purri and the Neko Meanis to add some color to this blog. There's Sweeti, the sycophant; Princess Purri, the mob boss; Calli, who's kind of there; and Dainti, the muscle.


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