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Monday, November 14, 2005

bird brained

It's as windy as ever and the temperature is dropping. Did some sewing repairs on some clothes today. Will hopefully will work up some Dumpy, InterStellar OverDrive, and other animated proposals to pitch to Frederator and Fox.

Scanning in those old comics of mine and it looks like it's going to be literally a month of Sundays project. Which would explain the previous false starts. I've only scanned through half a handful of old drawings in the past three days and I have two and a half big boxes of stuff waiting!

Here's the first "Ornicycle" drawing, which started as a challenge to myself to draw something really off the wall. Although I believe that this could be worked into a assemblage style sculpture. Just replace the Ward Kimball head with maybe a polled cow skull that's been altered to look avian.

And then add ping-pong ball eyes...


Blogger James Dylan said...

I like this whacky thing..
JDC from AN

8:02 PM


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