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Saturday, July 15, 2006

bummer in the summer

My Mom and stepdad separating and a couple of lesser bummers in the summer, left me wondering what is wrong with and missing from my life. I am currently teetering on belatedly dropping my comics aspirations and dropping a whole lot of automotive, ATV, and model rocket project stuff on eBay. I'm going to wait until Labor Day to see if this passes and then do something about it.

At least I got tomorrow off to see the Monona County Fair.

Here's a few from the ol' sketch book. A good ol' boy that I saw at the Super Saver Supermarket, drawn from memory. I don't think that I quite captured him, probably needs to be more gaunt and sunken in the cheeks. Also a few tendencies from my '80s style that I've trying to kill off. A variation of the Von Dutch eyeball. Also a mixture of Sam Henderson's Pert Herman and the Smokey Stover Foomobile.


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