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Thursday, March 09, 2006

it don't come easy

Visited the friend in Ames yesterday and picked up his obsolete computer collection which included a Commodore PET, a Mac SE (no 30), a box of Apple ][ stuff, an '80s IBM PC, an off-brand Win 3.1 vintage box, and an approximately five year-old micro-tower. Also checked out his stash of fannish goodies and the wi-fi at Mayhem Comics.

Also did see those Cambrian critters at the museum. I do wish that I had more time and more caffeine in me to better appreciate them. Most are barely as big as a fingernail. The biggest were twice as big as my thumbnail.

Did a grocery run in record time this morning only to be held up for a hour or so at Radio Shack behind some redneck actually named Ringo who was arguing about his cellular plan. Who the heck names their kid Ringo, anyway? Even Richard Starkly isn't really named Ringo.

I guess that it could have been worse. His redneck mama could have named him "Elvis". =:o

So much for getting back and doing things before work.

The Tube Punk scanning resumes tomorrow. Here's an update on the cover.


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