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Thursday, November 03, 2005

second stringers

Here's John Henry and his friend shorty from one of my proposed Fractured Fairy Tale pastiches.

I was thinking about those stupid Van Beuren elves. Thinking about how the gloomy gnomes did instigate the conflict just because the they didn't like the elves ruining their day with happiness and sunshine, when they should have been keeping their distance from those horrible purveyors of joy. See, the aggressor or instigator in cartoons always gets the short end, unless they're Woody Woodpecker. Whether it's wrong to force somebody to be something against their will and nature even if it's consensus conventional wisdom that it's for their own good. And that I shouldn't think so much about a stupid obscure old cartoon.

Is it me or does about any Van Bueren, Iwerks, or post WW2 Famous cartoon just drip second stringiness?

Got two and a half pages left to pencil on Captain Saucer. More importantly, there's a big AFCS final tomorrow.



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